Flu Away


How many times have you heard that a happy mom makes a happy child? But what about a healthy mom? When you are sick, who takes care of you (don’t answer if you don’t want to).
So as autumn is upon us and our thoughts turn to preparing for cold and flu season, we want to make sure you take care of yourself first so that if (just in case) one of your little darlings gets ill, you are well enough to care for them.

Firstly, bring out your inner superhero and set up your home to be a defender of the ‘good germs’ and a fighter of the ‘bad germs’. You can encourage the kids to help fight off the ‘bad germs’ with some tips in our Get Ready Guide, hosted right here at SavvyMom by our partner COLD-FX*. Important things like making sure you have enough food supplies at home so you’re prepared if the flu puts you under house arrest.


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