Don’t Eat The Crusts

bread crumbsIf your bread box looks anything like mine, at any given time you can find multiple ends (apparently they are referred to as heels) of loaves (raisin, whole wheat, flax…) sitting unloved in the bottom of it. Making your own breadcrumbs with these leftover heels of bread makes so much economical, nutritional and savvy sense and it is easier than you think.
As you finish a loaf, throw your ends into a bag in your freezer. Once the bag is full, remove the bread slices and lay them out on a cooling rack or cookie sheets for the day to dry out. Once they are dry and brittle, throw them in a food processor (a few at a time) and pulse. The end result is a container full of fresh, wholesome breadcrumbs waiting in the freezer whenever you need them.

Some of my favourite uses for breadcrumbs include coating chicken strips, coating fish, sprinkling on casseroles, or making meat balls.

What are some of your favourite tips or tricks?


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