For the Lunch Box: Citrus, Poppy Seed & Cornmeal Mini Muffins


I made these muffins for my citrus hater, the one who thinks he doesn’€™t like anything that contains lemon let alone lime, orange or clementine. While I could dine on citrus-infused anything, he turns his nose if he spots the juicy flesh and pulpy rinds of this seasonal fruit within an inch of his plate.
Needless to say, he doesn’€™t drink juice (I’€™m okay with that)’€”and he prefers the parts of the chicken that haven’€™t been splashed with my usual lemon-rosemary poultry perfume. And he certainly never, ever eats the poppy seed muffins I make for the lunch box’€”until now.

I can’€™t say for sure what’€™s different about these muffins than the usual ones you’€™d find at your favourite coffee shop, except that they’€™re a heck of a lot healthier. Made with whole grains, buttermilk and honey, they’€™re void of the cup of sugar that usually accompanies this recipe. They also don’€™t use any liquid from the fruit’€”just heaps of zest, taken from the outer skins before the fruit is juiced for the rest of us.

I’€™m hoping the fact that he devoured six of these in one sitting is a sign of changing times, but I’€™m not going to be too optimistic. In either case, I’€™m happy to tuck these into the winter lunch box or pack them up for a little apres sledding snack.

Find the full printable recipe here: Citrus, Poppy Seed & Cornmeal Mini Muffins


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