Pain-Free Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time for glowing skin, flowing hair and’€”the less popular’€”body aches and pains. Kangaroo Fitness is a place that strives to eliminate sore necks and throbbing feet from the list of symptoms every expecting mother ‘€˜enjoys.’€™
We love their flagship class, Prenatal Alignment, which teaches women (in any stage of pregnancy) how to keep their body in a safe, strong position. The six-week course covers posture, stretching and gentle core-strengthening exercises that help ease the most common pregnancy pains. More than just an exercise class, the series addresses the very problems that might have previously kept you from getting out and getting active, such as leg pain, cramps or lower back aches. Instructors Susanne and Jillian will make sure you’€™re back on your feet in no time’€”there’€™s no sitting allowed at Kangaroo Fitness!

Post birth, speed along your recovery with their Restorative Exercise Class for moms and their babies. There’€™s work (serious work), to restore your core and, unique to post-natal classes, training on how to hold the baby, carry a car seat and push a stroller safely, to maintain good posture and avoid sore muscles.

Good to Know: The Prenatal Alignment series will begin in February at the Hintonburg Community Centre. Email Susanne to get on their interest list. Meanwhile, the mom and baby class runs regularly every Wednesday morning at 10:15 am at the same location. Drop in for a single class or buy a 10-week pass.

A pain-free pregnancy and lasting health benefits? Now that’€™s revolutionary’€”and wonderful.

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Tested by Lynn J., Ottawa


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