Free Date Night Ideas in Ottawa

Ottawa Date Night

How often do you find yourself deciding to arrange for a babysitter (or grandparents) to watch the kids so you can head out on a date night with your partner, only to be unable to decide what the two of you actually want to do with your free time?

If you want time to chat together, you likely don’t want to spend your date night at the movies. And while we love so many amazing restaurants in Ottawa, a fancy dinner out can get expensive. So for your next date night in the month of June, we have some suggestions that won’t cost you anything (other than a drink or a snack) and will have you reconnecting in no time.

Visit the Ottawa Art Gallery

Admission is free to the Ottawa Art Gallery, so a night of exploring Canadian art and special exhibits is the perfect interesting night out. There is a restaurant on site, The Jackson, to grab a bite and a drink. If you can’t find a babysitter, the good news is the Ottawa Art Gallery offers free babysitting services between 3 pm and 7 pm on Wednesday nights.

Head to WestFest

WestFest is once again happening on the streets of Westboro in June. At Tom Brown Arena and Park, between the 8th and 10th of June, enjoy this free cultural and artistic event. There are special musical performances  and activities to do together (like yoga), or you can just explore the area and take in all of the sites, sounds, and art. This year is the fifteenth anniversary of WestFest so there is plenty to celebrate.

Explore the city thanks to Doors Open Ottawa

The first weekend of June is once again Doors Open Ottawa where multiple buildings and heritage centres open their doors, for free, to residents. Each location offers something unique, and depending on your plans, you can attend more than one location during your child-free time. The full list can be found on the City of Ottawa website.

Head to the beach

With the temperatures rising, the City of Ottawa beaches will soon be opening (June 16), so you can plan an outing in the sun. Pull out your folding chairs or go for a hand-held walk along the water’s edge. The great thing about going to the beach with just the two of you is that you will have so much less stuff to bring than you usually do when the kids tag along! A sunset beach visit sounds like a wonderfully romantic idea.

Take in the Museum of History

We know so many families love to attend the Museum of History which also houses the Children’s Museum. The Canada Hall exhibit is phenomenal and offers a really detailed, interesting take on Canadian history. However, we also know that many of the Museum’s exhibits can’t be gotten to in one day when the kids are busy exploring as well, or maybe you’ve been finding yourself skipping some sections or not reading the extra bits of information because getting home before nap time is a priority. Now is the time to really take a deep dive at the Museum. You and your partner will have uninterrupted access to the exhibits.

Attend the Glow Fair Festival

Bank Street’s annual Glow Fair Festival returns and is welcoming residents once again to this exciting event. With outdoor concerts and special activities like the enchanted forest, magicians, and glowing swings, we can see why couples will love taking to the streets for their date night (of date afternoon). Between June 14-16, you’ll want to line up a babysitter for the evening stage shows or head out during the day and enjoy the fantastic block party.



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