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A two-hankie video, condo living with a crowd, advice from a sexologist, a Rubix Cube whiz and classrooms with indoor gardens. That’s what got us talking at Savvy HQ this week.
1. This amazing viral video
We bawled our eyes out when we saw this incredible video featured on our sister site, this week. The video, ‘Parenting Advice: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Having a Baby’ has won the tear-jerker-internet-video-of-the-week award in our books. Featuring the reassuring, heart-felt, real-world advice from both newbie and veteran parents, this one is not to be missed. (Psst…it’s worth it to hang on to the very end.)

well-organized 1,000-square-foot rental condo with 5 kids and 2 adults

2. Clever small-space living with kids
With escalating real estate costs, more families than ever reside in condos or apartments. We were particularly impressed by this remarkably well-organized 1,000-square-foot rental condo that’s home to this Vancouver dad, his partner and his FIVE kids. Even if money were no object, Adrian Crooks says he’d still opt for the urban lifestyle he and his family enjoy in trendy, walkable Yaletown. Being willing to rent has allowed the video-game designer to turn down career opportunities that would have meant less time with his kids. Instead of their own bedrooms, ‘they have me,’ he says. ‘I’m around far more than the typical parent who works 9 to 5.’ Check out the triple-decker bunk beds!
the birds and the bees

3. Practical sex advice for parents
Okay, we know we just committed the very unsexy act of putting the words ‘practical’ and ‘sex’ into the same sentence. But sexologist and relationship expert Dr. Jess O’Reilly, offers such great (and totally safe for work) advice on the little things busy couples can do to set the groundwork for intimacy that we just couldn’t help ourselves. We especially like her suggestion of performing a ‘role ritual’ each evening to signal that you’re both hanging up your hats as parents, professionals and community members for the evening, and switching into couple mode. Don’t worry: This doesn’t involve ceremonial dress (unless you want it to). It can be as simple turning off your devices and dimming the lights—whatever works to help you turn your focus away from the kids and onto one another.

an edible classroom

4. An incredible edible classroom
We’re in love with what this teacher has done in his impoverished South Bronx school district. He started out transforming abandoned lots into gardens as a way to engage students in a high school with very poor graduation rates and even worse food security. But he soon evolved the concept to edible walls that can supply his students with healthy food and a reason to go to school all year round. As a bonus, this approach to farming uses 90 percent less space and 90 percent less water. We’re inspired.

teen sets new rubiks cube record

5. The kid who broke the world record for Rubix Cube
Think you were good at solving the iconic puzzle back in the day? Check out this video of the Pennsylvania teenager who recently solved a Rubix Cube in 5.25 seconds. It really is a sight to see. We can’t help but wonder how many hours he put into practicing for his five seconds of fame!



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