Fun Yes, Mess Less


Water Play 101. Sand Play 101. Painting 101. Getting Messy 101. Such is the rigorous course load for the modern day nursery school student.

Most popular? Getting Messy 101, of course.

So to ensure that Jack and Jill get their ‘homework’ done (those essential experiences for developing problem solving skills), we’ve tracked down a few alternatives that offer less mess for mom and an indoor twist on the old classics.

Paint with What?

The Original Buddha Board is a special board made of a mystery material (we asked – they wouldn’t tell us the secret although they assured us it’s non-toxic) that allows you to paint on it with water. (Yes, paint with water.)

The Buddha Board darkens wherever the water touches. As the water slowly evaporates the image will disappear, allowing the kids to create a new work of art all over again. No mess, no waste – it’s etch and sketch with a paint brush meets zen, all mixed up with a little bit of water play. Comes with board, brush and water tray for around $40. (Good for grown-ups too. When the kids are in bed, you can bring it out for the coffee table – soothing and meditative, goes great with a relaxing evening with friends.)

Available at the Vancouver Art Gallery Store (750 Hornby Street, Vancouver, 604 662 4706) and The Paper Place (887 Queen Street West, Toronto, 416 703 0089) and online at

Sand Where?image We know life can be a beach even on the dining room table with Deltasand. This specially treated sand feels and acts like the kind of wet beach sand you have to dig for, but since there’s actually no water in it, there’s less of the mess. When formed, it holds it’s shape almost indefinitely, and it never dries out so it can be reused over and over. When baked in the oven, it transforms into soft stone and becomes an ideal carving material.

We like the Deltasand Lightweight (it’s lighter, which is a good thing when it comes to sand) and the Delta Brickmaker, which will turn any kid into a budding master architect.

So leave the sand box and easel outside this year. There are better ways to bring the outdoors in.

Deltasand is available in Canada from Louise Kool & Galt. Please call 1 800 268 4011 to order. See their product catalogue for more on DeltaSand products. SPECIAL DEAL for SavvyMom subscribers: mention coupon code SAVVY and you’ll get your shipping of any order of DeltaSand for just $5 (regular price $15, valid until October 31).


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