It’s not the big fancy pad, the fast car (with hunky driver) or the jewels. OK, they would be nice. But most moms would simply be happy with a little extra time to themselves, minus the guilt. You have told us that yourselves.
You can find it at and it’s a great place to go for a few laughs, to share some stories with other moms and have some down time for yourself. You can even pick up a beauty tips along the way. Interested yet?

Suave knows that moms say yes to everything else but say no to themselves time and time again. They want to change that and bring out the beautiful woman inside every mom. Now every mom can have the hair and self she deserves without an ounce of guilt, because Suave’s new line-up serves all your hair care needs at an affordable price. Suave is asking every mom to say yes to themselves and yes to beautiful without paying the price. Visit for details on the Suave Naturals, Professionals and Styling products available to you.

Say yes to beauty, affordable prices, no guilt, and some time for yourself.

How can you say no?


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