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On a busy day—and what day isn’t?—the answer to the five o’clock dilemma too often comes home in a paper bag.

Vancouver moms now have a savvy option—fast food that’s emphatically not ‘fast food.’ In fact, it’s so yummy you can serve it up to a new boss or an old flame. Even your toughest critics—your kids—will be lining up for seconds.

It’s Sensational Suppers, a ‘meal-assembly’ company that’s recently opened its doors near Granville Island. Simply visit, choose the meals you want off the current monthly menu, and book a session time.

When you arrive (you’ll love the funky retro décor), you’ll whisk from one work station to another, each of which is customized for a particular meal choice. Following the posted recipe, you’ll mix pre-washed, pre-chopped, and pre-grated ingredients as you go. Every seasoning you need is right in front of you, the appropriate measuring spoon at the ready.

When you’ve put all the components of a meal together, just tuck them all into a freezer bag, along with cooking instructions and your choice of side dish. Voila! You’ve prepared one meal, now on to the next. Within an hour or two, you’ll be taking home ten to 12 nutrient-packed meals that will easily feed four to six adults.

Here’s what makes this tasty time-saver even more tantalizing:

  • Cost: This isn’t a luxury, ladies. Our SavvyScout recently paid $26 for the sesame-encrusted tuna steak entrée. Just the six tuna steaks alone would have set her back at least $50 at a seafood counter. And no more having to buy a whole jar of expensive, exotic seasonings when you only need a teaspoon for a one-off meal.
  • Kid-friendly: You’ll find lots of family fare on every month’s menu.
  • Convenience: Over the top busy? Let them assemble the meals for you.
  • Complete-ness: Complimentary side dishes range from orzo with seasoned butter to frozen prepared vegetables.
  • Quality: Think restaurant-grade ingredients that are fresh and healthy. No more chicken-nugget-induced guilt!
  • Convivial: Bring a friend (she’ll enjoy the massage chairs!), or host a private party. Throw a baby shower there and stock the new mom’s freezer along with your own!

The icing on the cake? Sensational Suppers is offering a free meal to you savvy readers who order at least six entrees. Just type savvymom in the spot for the coupon code, and dinner’s on the house!

Sensational Suppers
440 West 2nd Ave., Vancouver
(604) 632-3100


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