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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?
I see an informed parent looking at me.

How did Brown Bear hear about the brand spanking new urban centre for families called The Informed Parent before the SavvyMoms anyway?

Hard to know, but we’re sure glad he tipped us off.

The Informed Parent is a brand new centre for pregnancy and parenting run by mom entrepreneur and VERY experienced midwife, Kelly Dobbin (mom to Jasper, 5 and Ella, 2).

Kelly’s mandate is to reach out to parents and children (from prenatal and up) by offering valuable information and services that help to dispel our culture of chronic worrying (we’re all guilty of it). Her goal is simple: seek out what her clients and families need, then find ways to make it happen at The Informed Parent pregnancy and parenting centre.

Here is a sample of the courses we found going there right now: Family Nutrition, Raising Cooperative Children, Healthy Sleep Habits for Kids, and Infant/Child CPR.

The SavvyMom’s favourite part is the 1200 square foot space filled with clean new toys, early childhood educators and smiling children. Sign your kids up for preschool programs, after school programs, and arts and crafts. They even have babysitting. We’ll say it another way—they have a drop off program!

We know those two words ‘drop off’ can be music to mom’s ears. And so does anyone who opens up a parenting resource centre.

If you are anywhere close to downtown and planning on having a baby or have one already, check it out. They have free coffee (two more words moms love to hear).

The Informed Parent
559 College St. (at Manning), Toronto
416 964-1100

By the way…with the launch of our Vancouver edition today, you might notice that we’re getting back to our Hogtown roots a bit on Thursday’s for more local SavvyMom scoop. (‘Cuz we know how important it is to know what’s going on around town!)


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