Give Fish a Chance


I hope you have had a chance to check out this month’s EatSavvy Edition…it’s called Give Fish a Chance and it is really one of my favourite collection of recipes so far. Fear not if your children won’t touch the stuff—I know how you feel. For years I felt like a terrible parent because my kids would not eat fish. Rather than force the issue I left it and waited for the right time. Then last summer on our holidays, we went on a fishing trip. My boys caught lots of fish and we ate them fresh that day…it was the beginning of a beautiful thing. Now I find myself looking for new and fun ways to serve it so they don’t get bored and the novelty does not wear off. The Fish Tacos and the Fish Chowder have been huge hits. I hope your family loves these recipes as much as mine do—this could be your chance to turn a non-fish eater into one!
How do your kids like to eat fish?


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