Giving, Not Getting


We recently heard from Savvy reader Lily Chiu of, an online giving site, about a wonderful holiday tradition she and her friends hold every year. It’s an annual skating party they host as a ‘gift’ to friends and family. They ask everyone attending to bring mittens, socks, hats or anything that’s warm to support local public school George Anderson P.S. in Toronto.
As Lily shared: “It’s a great school with the majority of students coming from immigrant families trying to make it work. What that means is that kids often go to school with leaky boots, socks with no front to it because that’s all they had, and sometimes sent to school hungry. Can you imagine being in a school where they have a main bin in the office for children to BORROW mittens/gloves for recess, and return them after? My heart breaks when I think about it. Giving a little something to this school each year puts smiles on everyone’s face, especially mine!”

What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays while teaching a great message about the importance of giving, not getting, and a super alternative to piles of gifts that are not really appreciated. Congratulations, Lily, for creating such a wonderful tradition.

Do you have any traditions with your friends and family to encourage giving and help us reflect on the true spirit of the season? We’d love to hear them.


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