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The very moment they join us in this world, we begin the life long journey of worrying how and what our children are going to eat. From their first drink of milk in the hospital to their first solids, we aren’t going to feed just anything to our precious offspring.
That’s how mom entrepreneur Jennifer Broe felt when her first child started eating solid food. Frustrated by the lack of healthy and great tasting baby food on the market, she began making her own delicious organic recipes at home. And Baby Gourmet was born, with its simple purees, yummy combos, tasty textures, and a fresh view on what packaged baby food should taste like.

At Baby Gourmet, they believe in all natural, safe, 100% organic, conveniently packaged foods for your baby. In all Baby Gourmet products, you’ll find 100% organic ingredients, and no thickeners, fillers, sugar, salt or BPA packaging.

Baby Gourmet Product ShotKids love the great taste of the food and moms like the health benefits as well as the convenience of the packaging. It comes in a BPA-free airtight pack so it can last in the cupboard for up to 15 months (not that it will ever last that long in your house). The tube-like package makes it easy to squeeze and pour without any extra mess required—no utensils, no spilling and no breaking of jars.

Worried that you haven’t noticed it yet in your local grocer? (We know how you like to be on top of the new trends.) Baby Gourmet is brand-new and you can find it at stores near you.

And since you’re a SavvyMom reader, it gets even better. You can enter our exclusive contest for a chance to win a year’s worth of Baby Gourmet Baby Food valued at over $1,000 for yourself or a friend.

Stop obsessing about what you’re feeding them and go gourmet. Who wouldn’t?


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