Party Game: Donut Eating on a Sting


When it comes to cheap and cheerful party games and treats, almost nothing can top the classic Donut Eating on a String. In my family, it’s a huge part of our celebrations, as the twelve cousins line up to be the first to successfully devour a donut without using their hands (sadly, it’s hard for anyone to beat my 15-year-old son and his Titanic-sized teenage appetite). It’s a tradition, and one that all of the kids look forward to more than anything else. It’s an excellent party game for any celebration or birthday, regardless of the party theme.

To put it together you’ll need three items: donut (one per participant), rope, and ribbon. Tie a length of rope between two trees and ask the kids to line up underneath it. Tie pieces of ribbon to the donuts and then to the rope, hanging them slightly above the kids’ mouth level. Let the children know that on the count of three they are to begin eating their donut without using their hands AND without letting it fall off the ribbon. The first to finish is the winner, and the prize is the eaten donut.

For fall, I usually pick up plain or pumpkin spice donuts, but it’s also fun to get powdered sugar covered ones because it leaves little faces coated in a sweet and sticky mess that looks adorable in photos. To make your donuts match a specific theme, choose sprinkled covered donuts, or drizzle some coloured icing over the donuts yourself before hanging them between the trees.


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