11 Great Gift Ideas for Mom

Gifts for Mom

Hang on a sec—with all the holiday hoopla for the kids, has anyone remembered that Mom deserves a package under the tree as well? We don’t need nine or nineteen gift-wrapped boxes, but a well-thought out present or two is always a nice way to say thanks. Here are a few ideas that will help and pamper Mom. Everyone should have smiles on their faces come Christmas morning because Santa got their picks just right.

Barefoot Venus Products

They’re sassy. They’re naturally made with essential oils. They’re handmade by two rad gals in BC. And we are totally besotted with the Barefoot Venus line-up. We love indulging in a good soak with their original mustard bath, combining the therapeutic properties of mustard seed powder with the natural smell of eucalyptus. And then there’s the amazing Coconut Kiss Macadamia Oil Cream, which finally banishes our dry skin issues once and for all while leaving us subtly, magnificently fragranced.

Our favourites:

100% Natural Mustard Bath; $21.50

Coconut Kiss Macadamia Oil Cream; $21

Roots Cabin Onesie

Ok, we’ve coveted our tween’s cozy onesie long enough – we need one of our own. And as we don’t think we can rock the fluffy animal theme, we’d love one from Canadian classic Roots.  Crafted from our beloved cozy salt and pepper fleece and with a peak of red plaid hood lining, this will be our go-to comfy outfit for some much-needed relaxation time.

Available at roots.com; $128

Suetables Pia Trinity

This is a gorgeous piece that keeps the names of your loved ones close to your heart. Perfect as a gift for mom or grandma, long time favourite Suetables has created an exquisite piece with the trinity necklace featuring three interlocking rings with space for three names. Stunning and sentimental – perfect for Mom.

Available at suetables.com or in their two Toronto locations (Toronto West: 363 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto Central: 598 Mount Pleasant Road); $119

Saje Aromabreeze Black Marble

Bring the spa home with a gorgeous ultrasonic diffuser. Paired with mom’s favourite essential oil blend, the cool mist diffuser will have her room (be it bedroom, office or bathroom) smelling amazing, without any hot oil or flame to worry about. There are a variety of shapes and finishes to choose from, from natural wood to white, but we love this black marble look.

Available at saje.com; $80

Stil Classics Undated Planner

Some of us moms still love pen and paper for organizing our lives…and the carpool schedule…and the shopping list….etc., etc. This planner is undated to allow us to miss a day without wasting paper and has plenty of sections and headings to help with all of that organization. Plus, its sleek and classy looks give us added incentive to stay on top of the organization game.

Available at stilclassics.com; $57.50

Buck Naked Mud Pie Face Mask

Why should kids be the only ones who get to make mud pies? We love the squishy texture too, especially in the form of these awesome face masks by Cambridge Ontario’s Buck Naked Soap Company. Just add water to the all-natural ingredients for a face mask experience in three different varieties. Our skin will look as revitalized as if you’ve had a full night of sleep, and that is certainly a gift we all need.

Available at bucknakedsoapcompany.com; $25

Inner Fire Leggings

Mom may not be allowed to have a favourite kid, but she sure can have a favourite legging, and these will be the chosen ones. Perfect for a weekend coffee or a hot yoga class, they come in a bunch of prints, from tame to totally expressive, and they’re made with love in Vancouver from recycled water bottles.

Available at myinnerfire.com; $94

Starbuck’s Ember Mug

If anyone deserves a mug that keeps a hot beverage at exactly a specific temperature all day, it’s a mom. Although pricey for a mug, we think it’s worth it to have our coffee or tea at the perfect drinking temperature at any time – no more scalding ourselves with the first sip only to leave it too long and have it be stone cold by the time we return. Plus, controlling it with an app is pretty cool.

Available at Starbuck’s locations in Canada or at ember.com; $150 USD

If You Can Read This Socks

It started with the soles of these socks declaring “If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Wine”, which was apt and clever. Now there are a variety of slogans available that fit so many mom moods, especially “If You Can Read This, I’m Off Duty” and “Bra Off Hair Up Sweats On Wine Please”. There’s bound to be the perfect one for every mom in your life.

Available at wickedwoolsocks.com; $20

Sonix iPhone Case

We may not switch up our technology as often as some, but we sure do love changing up our phone case. This one is particularly pretty and calls to mind beautiful gardens and peace plus tranquility, which Is all any mom can dream off on certain days.

Available at Indigo; $45

Cook & Carry Slow Cooker from Crock-Pot

Some partners might fear for their lives by gifting a kitchen gadget to mom, but this time we really, really want this – it will make our lives easier! If you missed the opening of the Cheesecake Factory in Toronto don’t despair, because you can whip up a delicious pumpkin cheesecake in this crockpot. Plus, if you’re bringing your famous turkey chilli to the latest potluck, it’s a cinch to cook and carry with this spill-proof wonder. We’re also fans or setting this baby in the morning of a busy school day and walking in the door to homemade perfection. Yum.

Available at Costco; $48



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