Green Dreams


Now that spring has finally sprung (and long may it last) we can actually appreciate the environment around us…which reminded me of an email I received recently from a reader that I thought was cute enough to share. Her name is Siobhan, and although I have never met Siobhan before, I feel as though we are kindred spirits as moms of two boys.
Here is her ‘environmental moment’ as she described to me in the email:

“I was driving my boys to hockey drills Monday night as my husband was away. Jack is eight and Jameson is five. They started talking in the back seat.

Jack said, ‘In class we have made a pledge to only bring recyclable drink containers like the one I have. I think we should also make a pledge to save the environment at home.’ Then he turned to Jameson and said, ‘Jameson, I guess you are wondering what a pledge is. Well it’s a promise.’

Then Jack said, ‘I would like to pledge that we re-use all the old Christmas cards we have and turn them into art.’ Then he asked Jameson, ‘Jameson, what do you want to pledge to help the environment?’

Jameson pipes up, ‘I think we should save water by me not having baths anymore.’

Perhaps I should be celebrating my pre-teen boys’ lack of interest in personal hygiene as a positive step toward saving the environment. In fact, I’m secure now in knowing that’s been their motive all along, they’ve just been waiting for me to figure it out.”



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