Happy SDS


Watching your child ‘€˜gain intelligence’€™ is nuts. Baxter is no exception, and not exceptional in the grand scheme of things. Nonetheless, Amy and I are enrapt with wonder as Baxter fondles an object, stares intensely, and tries to understand it.
Recently, I was walking with him strapped to my chest face out. As he was fussy, I chose to let his arms flail out. I was reminded of Total Recall (1990 sci-fi film featuring our favourite thespian, Arnold Schwarzenegger). In it is a Martian warlord who was in fact a big mutant dude with a hyper-intelligent dwarf whose head stuck out of his stomach. Suffice to say, I was the big idiot thinking I could get some housework done with Mr. Grabby Hands stuck to my chest. So instead, I took the opportunity to let him lead me with his attention’€”the event is now dubbed, ‘€˜Self Directed Saturdays’€™ or SDS.

You see, I’€™m a little ADD and I wanted Baxter to be in control of his own world and not submit to my whims, if only for an hour. It was fascinating. Baxter made plenty of stops on his travels. I learned light switches are fun, but old-school calculators and controllers are the bomb. Long breaks at the window to see the streetcars pass and do some glass-smackin’€™ is always a hit. We stopped at a lot of doors’€”door locks, door handles and doors themselves. Similar to curtains, doors are like enormous toy walls if you think about it. I was relieved when Baxter had the wherewithal to prevent a cranial collision with the door he just pulled quickly towards his head. Smart. Only a month ago, the Baxter I knew required an active spotter to prevent a shocking lesson. The session ended with folding or flopping forward to stare at our feet.

You see, it’€™s the progress that’€™s wondrous. I’€™m not one to judge or rank. Currently, if one were to judge poor Baxter by appearance alone, the outcome would be unfair. He is shiny with snot as he endures another bad cold. Tired eyes and not the smartest expression, as the majority of his time is spent curling his tongue out and down to feel his new tooth (I’€™m told the cause of his cold). In all, it looks rather like a hemorrhoid growing from his mouth. Suffice to say, not the brightest look. But he’€™s got potential, I tell ya!


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