10 Health Tips To Start Your Summer Off Right

Summer Health Tips
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From drinking matcha to meditating, we’re sharing 10 things you need to do to start your summer off right.


You consider yourself pretty savvy when it comes to your health. You exercise regularly, go to that yoga class every Sunday morning, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and even meditate a few times a week. But did you know that there is one ultra simple thing that you can add to your morning routine that checks a ton of those health benefit boxes? Lemon water. That’s right, lemon water.

From keeping your skin clear and radiant to giving your immune system a daily boost, this one simple act can drastically improve many aspects of your health and well-being. And, as far as routines go, this one’s pretty much as simple as you can get, so there’s really no excuses.


Let’s face it, meditation can be tough. Eliminate all stray thoughts? Focus only on your breath? Sit still for (a minimum) of 10 minutes at a time? But, we are learning more and more that practicing daily meditation has so many amazing benefits; from helping us become more compassionate to enabling us to be more patient, loving, joyful, forgiving and generous.

Thankfully, there are some foods that we can start to incorporate into our diets, that can help us gain that laser focus we are looking to experience when we sit down to meditate. Read on for the 4 groups of foods we think are the best.


Way more than just green tea, matcha (green tea powder) is making headlines everywhere. From trendy cafés serving up matcha-spiked lattes to models downing shots of this trendy beverage during fashion week, matcha is being hailed as the superfood to beat all other superfoods. And for good reason, matcha’s list of health benefits is seemingly endless.

It promises not only to boost energy, but it helps to detox the body, fight cancer, help you loose weight by boosting metabolism, halts the aging process, improves brain power, and reduces stress. How does matcha do all this? It’s infused with high levels of antioxidants, amino acids, and chlorophyll. In fact, it has more antioxidants than goji berries, blueberries, acai berries, pomegranate, spinach, and broccoli combined. And unlike your regular cup of joe, matcha slowly releases caffeine over several hours (as opposed to all at once,) so you feel energized all day and avoid that jittery feeling that coffee imparts.


Many ancient cultures associated tea with long life and health. Originating in China, it has been used as medicine for thousands of years. Green Tea has not only been filling our mugs for a long time but has taken a role as a key ingredient in many a dessert.

So what’s the deal with this hot bevy? It has been the subject in numerous medical and scientific studies to determine whether its long toted health benefits actually carry any merit.


At SavvyMom, we love sharing info on why you should be incorporating superfoods as much as possible. Three of our faves are berries, avocados, and ginger.

Berries may be small but they are truly a miracle of nature. Tiny little flavour bombs that are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and other things that can help prevent disease, fight fat and reverse the effects of ageing.

We love Avocados, because they are ultra-versatile (they can be eaten raw, grilled, or even fried and are equally amazing when used as a spread, dip, or even in desserts), and are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and essentially a vitamin-bomb for your body, mind, hair and skin.

Ginger is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that have powerful benefits for both your mind and your body. In fact, this gnarly looking root has been shown to be beneficial for a host of things from taming your worst tummy troubles to helping reduce blood pressure and acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory.


Yes, we all love the energy boost and increased mental sharpness we get from that first cup of coffee in the morning. But did you know that drinking moderate amounts (3-5 cups) of coffee a day has many hidden health benefits?


Found yourself in a bit of a smoothie rut lately? Adding the same 4 ingredients to your vitamix blender and then mindlessly slurping it back on your commute to work? We think it’s time to put some bang back into your morning routine and we’ve got 4 superfood-packed smoothie recipes that should do the trick.

So, next time you pull out that blender, think to add some fresh ginger and lime or create a unique flavour combination (by using nectarines, oranges, chia seeds, and almond milk) to switch things up a little. We promise your taste buds AND your body and mind will thank you!


Move over couscous, pasta, and rice. There are some new grains in town, and they not only taste amazing, but they are WAY healthier for you too. From quinoa to freekeh to farro, don’t bypass these new-to-you staples on the grocery store shelf.


We know we know, easier said than done. But sleep is a blissful reprieve from the stresses of everyday life. Some people have trouble falling asleep while others have trouble staying asleep. But regardless of which afflicts you, dealing with sleep-related struggles can transform that sweet reprieve into a nightmare.

The clichéd anecdote to haywire sleep patterns is to find solace in a glass of warm milk. It may sound like an old wives’ tale but food really does have the power to help regulate your circadian rhythm.


Superfoods are foods that basically have super powers — they are so rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it would be silly not to include them in your diet. We do go on about berries and chia seeds, but others to consider include bee pollen, pomegranate, walnuts, matcha, and cherries!


Striking a work/life balance isn’t easy. In fact, a lot of the time it’s stressful. When you’re not at the office, you’re carting the kids around and when you do make it home, there’s a mountain of laundry to greet you. Doesn’t it sound romantic? With all the pressures of modern life it’s not surprising that many otherwise healthy women experience low sex drive.

Thankfully there might just be a way around this stress-induced celibacy. Following the tips above will make you feel better and may just help you rediscover your sexy self.


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