4 Fresh Ways to Switch Up Your Morning Smoothie

healthy smoothie recipe ideas

Found yourself in a bit of a smoothie rut lately? If you’re adding the same 4 ingredients to your Vitamix blender, we think it’s time to put some bang back into your morning routine and we’ve got 4 superfood-packed smoothie recipes that should do the trick.

So, next time you pull out that blender, think to add some fresh ginger and lime (like in our flavour-packed blackberry, lime & ginger smoothie) or create a unique flavour combination (by using nectarines, oranges, chia seeds and almond milk) to switch things up a little. We promise your taste buds and your body will thank you.

Blackberry & Lime Smoothie

A fresh & vibrant smoothie made from fresh plump blackberries, lime juice and grated fresh ginger. It’s delicious, with a little kick!

Green Goddess Smoothie


This smoothie featuring kale is bursting with vibrant goodness and will help kick-start your day!

Orange, Banana & Nectarine Smoothie

This flavour-packed smoothie combines diverse flavours including banana, orange and nectarine and is smooth and creamy from lots of greek yogurt.

Omega Burst Berry Smoothie

Packed with healthy ingredients like blueberries and chia seeds, this protein-packed smoothie is the perfect start to your day.



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