Here at the Zoo


Sadly, it’s rare for Amy, Baxter and I to enjoy an outing together these days. Life is busy.
Last Saturday we made a break for High Park with modest supplies and big appetites. Besides being in a place where the word ‘park’ is everywhere, it took us quite a while to do just that. After finding a spot to park (not an easy task), we took a long walk to the hot dog cart (first things first).

Satiated, we were able to appreciate our own company, take a breath, and although all the cherry blossoms had frozen off their perch days before, and wind was brisk, dry and cold, we couldn’t help but appreciate all the sights. What a wonderful way to spend time with the family—a trip to a great park complete with a zoo (please support your local zoo!).

Normally, I would tout the tranquility of such an outing, but Baxter isn’t much for tranquility. He did enjoy screeching at the bunny rabbit. I enjoyed having my nose suckled by an eight-week-old llama. Baxter was more fascinated by the other babies. He also felt he was louder and more flamboyant than the pheasant. Amy concurred and so did many innocent bystanders. Amy also documented all she saw through the lens, taking the time to enjoy the details. Baxter was a little jealous that the capybaras got more lens time, but he has his ways of attracting his own attention.

It’s easy to appreciate the many simple moments in a day when you share them with your family.

Here at the Zoo


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