Holiday Gift Guide: The Best New Children’s Books

New books for kids gift guide

If you’re on the hunt for a new picture book to add to your little one’s stocking, look no further. Here are 10 new children’s books that make for adorable—and often, subtly thought-provoking and educational—gifts for the holidays.

10 New Picture Books That Make Great Gifts

Encounter, by Brittany Luby | Available here

This brilliant book by an author of Anishinaabe descent reimagines an early encounter between a European explorer and an Indigenous fisher. As they navigate their differences (language, culture, clothing), the animals notice their similarities (as the seagull points out from above, their shadows on the beach are both long, and as the crab below the water observes, they are both skilled swimmers).

Think Big, Little One, by Vashti Harrison | Available here

This miniature board book inspired the next generation of pioneers by celebrating women from around the world who have made a difference in the world, such as Sister Corita Kent, who crafted bold messages of love and peace, and Wangari Maathai, who planted trees so her community could grow. (Click here for more books that will help turn your children into little feminists.)

I Am Actually A Penguin, by Sean Taylor | Available here

In this laugh-out-loud picture book, a little girl loves to dress up. Sometimes, she’s a pirate; sometimes, she’s a pretty princess. But when she gets a penguin costume as a gift, it fits so well that she realizes, all along, she’s actually been a penguin.

Ho’onani: Hula Warrior, by Heather Gale | Available here

Ho’onani doesn’t like all the things her sister and the other wahines (girls) do. But she also doesn’t fit in completely with the kanes (boys). Instead, she sees herself somewhere in-between. In this empowering story, she is elected as the leader of her school’s all-boys traditional hula troupe and finds her voice and place. (For more LGBTQ-friendly children’s books, click here.)

Dear Girl, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Paris Rosenthal | Available here

In this sweet and uplifting book written by a mother-daughter duo, little girls are reminded that they are smart, they are uniquely beautiful, and they are capable of accomplishing anything they set their minds to.

Dear Boy, by Paris Rosenthal and Jason Rosenthal | Available here

In this companion book to Dear Girl, father and daughter join forces to tell a story that reminds little boys that they can be strong, gentle, and one-of-a-kind.

The Fate of Fausto, by Author | Available here

This modern-day tale has the haunting vibe of a classic fable, with whimsical illustrations to match. It tells the story of a proud man who believes he owns everything, from the trees to the flowers to the mountains to the sea—until one day, the consequences of this outlook catch up to him.

If Pluto Was a Pea, by Gabrielle Prendergast | Available here

In this book, a little girl and boy eagerly look up from their tent in the backyard at the expansive universe above. Curious about the solar system, they begin making comparisons that they can relate to—for example, if pluto was a pea, the earth would be a golf ball.

Baby Bowie: A Book about Adjectives, by Running Press | Available here

This board book celebrates the legacy of David Bowie, introducing little readers to all the creative quirks he was known for, from the legendary lighting bolt to his round records to his high boots.

Suffragette, by David Roberts | Available here

This illustrated non-fiction book tells the history of the suffragette movement in accessible language that young readers can follow and absorb. It explains terminology, celebrates key figures, and provides a comprehensive timeline of the efforts women made to win the vote.


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