How to Not Gain Weight During the Holidays


Much of the disastrous 10 pounds per decade (that is suspected of being the foundation of our obesity crisis) is acquired between Thanksgiving and New Year’€™s. Regardless of your familial background, there are more gatherings, celebrations and opportunities to eat at this time of year. Navigating them so that you can enjoy without the backside burden takes a tiny bit of practice.
Here’€™s your game plan:
1. Never go to a party hungry. A boiled egg and an apple will fill you with fibre and protein without a lot of calories.
2. Be the one who always brings the veggie platter with low fat yogurt dip or hummus.
3. Seat yourself next to said platter and nibble till your heart’€™s content. The goal is to fill you up while you still have willpower (/are sober).
4. Promise yourself you will not eat the chips, popcorn, peanuts, chocolates etc. before the main course. Afterwards, if you’€™re still hungry, portion yourself a handful onto a plate. Studies show that we eat more from a larger bag, box or bowl than when we pull out what we think we want. Even when we know we are tricking ourselves, it is better to be aware when we are overdoing it, chances are better this way that you make up for any indiscretions.
5. Whether you are having a buffet, cocktails only or full sit-down dinner, fill half of your plate with green vegetables, a quarter with starchy vegetables, such as carrots and squash and the other quarter with lean protein.
6. Avoid anything deep fried. (Note: This is the first time I have used the word ‘€˜avoid.’€™)
7. Never have more than two alcoholic beverages. Not only can calories from alcohol not be burned as fuel, but they also reduce your inhibitions which likely means you will eat more!

After the celebration season, you will need different skills but, if you follow these steps, you shouldn’€™t have too much trouble.


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