How to Assemble a Cheeseboard


I’€™m mildly obsessed with cheese (you too?), and often keep no less than five different types in my fridge at all times. I much prefer to eat cheese over chocolate, and my husband and I have weekly wine and cheese dates every Wednesday night, where we try to add one new variety to our repertoire.
Now that December is very nearly here, I’€™m already thinking about the cheeseboards I hope to assemble for my holiday entertaining. After spending several years working in catering, I have some tried and true
tips that I thought you might find helpful, especially if you plan on serving cheese at any of your upcoming gatherings.

  • Estimate 3’€“6 oz of cheese per person, and 3’€“5 different varieties (odd numbers look best on a platter).
  • Choose a variety of cheeses; take milk types (goat, cow, sheep), texture, appearance, smell and taste into consideration.
  • Be sure to include small bowls of chutney, honey, jam or marmalade and small spoons for drizzling.
  • Serve sturdy crackers for soft cheese and tender crackers or baguette slices for hard cheeses.
  • Add fresh (pears, grapes) and dried (apricots, dates) fruits for colour.
  • Add assorted nuts to the platter for crunch.
  • Be sure to serve your cheese at room temperature for best flavour results. Take it out of the fridge one hour prior to serving.
  • Do not store leftover cheese in plastic wrap. Secure it tightly in parchment or wax paper and store in the most humid part of your fridge (usually the vegetable crisper).

What are some of your favourite cheeses? Is there anything you like to include on a cheeseboard?


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