How to Look and Feel Younger


There are a few things that you are probably doing that are making you look older than you are. Some of them affect the outside, some of them affect the inside, and all of them are easy to change.
Here are the four steps you need to take to look and feel younger:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol dilates the capillaries in the face and can cause a permanent mottled look.

What to Do: Drink as little alcohol as possible and give your body some rest once in a while. Remove it altogether for at least a few days in a row each month.

2. Sugar

Sugar/high fructose corn sugar is by far the single most overused ‘€˜food’€™ in our roster. For starters, it is the number one contributor to obesity and nothing makes you look older than being overweight.

What to Do: Simply removing sugar (especially liquid calories) will remove a few pounds from your belly. The secondary benefit is the reduced oxidative damage and inflammation that sugar imposes on your cells.

3. Bad Fats

Saturated and trans fats are inflammatory and therefore contribute to a sallow look of the skin and dull hair.

What to Do: Skin needs the healthy fats of nuts, seeds, avocados and whole grains to repair and glow. Avoid all deep fried foods, reduce saturated fat from meat and increase the good fats.

4. Dehydration

Without water, every cell in the body is less plump. This appears on the skin first, contributing to the saggy and sallow look of age.

What to Do: Drink water, at least one litre each day, on top of your usual routine of consuming lots of high water foods, such as watermelon, cucumber, berries and lettuce. (That is your usual routine, right?)


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