How To Throw a Year-End Party for One in 2020

Year End Party

Is it still 2020? Of course it is. It’s felt like the same year on repeat for the past eleventy-billion months by now. But we’ve almost made it to the end of 2020, and if you’re still getting up every day and adulting, we think that deserves to be applauded. While we may be far from out of the dang woods, we can at least take a moment to celebrate all we’ve done this year. Here’s how to throw a year-end party in honour of yourself because, damn, it’s been hard and besides, you’re worth it.

Choose a theme

We suggest something more upbeat than ‘Tears and Crushed Dreams’, so instead, maybe go for something along the lines of ‘We Made It Through Another Week’ or ‘I Showered and Wore Jeans Today’. Aim high.

Consider your guest list

This one will be easy. Your children, your partner, your dog. You know, all the people you’ve been seeing day in and day out, non-stop, with very little space for the last several months. Suggest they dress up a little just so they seem different to you. Or, even better, ask them to go out to the backyard for a while and host the party just for yourself.

Pick some music

A few ideas include: Don’t Stand So Close To Me, by The Police; Highway to Hell by AC/DC, or, for the ultimate power ballad, All By Myself by Celine Dion.

Decide on a menu

Something classy like Cheetos and leftover Halloween candy, perhaps. You can’t go wrong with gallons and gallons of ice cream, of course. And don’t ever, ever forget the wine.

Make Yourself the Guest of Honour

In 2020, you’ve been a mother, a teacher, a counsellor, an employee and a partner all at once. You’ve been asked to put your career on the backburner. You’ve been responsible for ensuring your kids are healthy and happy while living through a pandemic. You lasted an entire summer with no camps or activities. You’ve made it this far. You are a goddess. You deserve to be the very special, ultimate, holy-crap-how-are-you-still-managing, guest of honour.

Get yourself a hostess gift

Buy yourself something fabulous, like those ‘dressy’ sweatpants you’ve been eyeing for months. Or a lock for your bedroom door. Note: If anyone suggests ‘self-care’ as a gift, you have our permission to slap them.

Have a few games planned

Trivia is always fun. A few options include, ‘Guess what’s getting cancelled this week?’ Or ‘How many zoom invites will I get today?’ For something different but equally as challenging as trivia, ask your kids to try and explain second-grade math to you.

If there was ever a time when mothers should be celebrated for the rock stars we are, it’s in 2020. We have made it a long way since this all started going down, and even though it’s not over yet, we have handled a lot and done it with grace.

And that’s a good enough reason for us to celebrate.




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