How Saucy


Jarred spaghetti sauce was a definite staple in my cupboards when I was a student and for a number of years thereafter, but somewhere along the way I developed a distaste for it. Maybe it was the salt or maybe it was the lack of resemblance to a fresh tomato, but I started making pasta with accompaniments such as homemade meat sauce and other additions (goat cheese and basil ranking high up on the list).
But now as a mom of three, I felt like I was making my life unnecessarily difficult not stocking up on the stuff – after all, most kids love spaghetti with sauce. Then Eden Organic’s No Salt Added Spaghetti Sauce caught my eye and I am glad it did. Made from organically grown, vine-ripened Roma tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, it’s cooked within hours of harvest (so you can taste the freshness) and has no salt added (and you definitely won’t miss it). One night I made a quick lasagna with it and another I served it to the kids with spaghetti. Big hits! So no more feeling nostalgia for the big jars for me – I’m all stocked up.


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