Ideas for Holiday Gifts for Tweens

Two happy teenage girls in pajamas sitting by the Christmas tree and looking inside gift boxes
Two happy teenage girls in pajamas sitting by the Christmas tree and looking inside gift boxes

If you have tweens, we’re betting their wish list looks a bit different these days. The toy catalogues are not so well thumbed, and trends, fashion, and the cool factor strongly influences their items of choice. We’ve got everything from style to self care on this list, because the holidays are still a blast even if there aren’t as many toys involved. Here’s some ideas for holiday gifts for tweens…

Great Holiday Gifts for Tweens:


Polaroid Go

The instant camera trend remains strong, and Polaroid has definitely made a comeback. These smaller size options are great for snapping pics on the go and the film is more affordable than for the type needed for the larger models.
$129, Buy Here

Gifts for Tweens Festive Nail Polish - SavvyMom

Festive Nail Polish

Given the age, we’re keeping the colours light, bright and playful, like for this holiday hue “Tealing Festive”. They’ll have fun expressing their creativity and getting glittery, all at the same time.
$17, Buy Here

Nike Socks Gifts for Tweens - SavvyMom

Nike Socks

They’ll actually be excited to get socks for a gift with these on-trend Nike crew socks. Practical and fashionable for all? Score.
$18 for a 3-pack, Buy Here

Jade Roller Gifts for Tweens - SavvyMom

Jade Roller

Fun, soothing and a neat approach to natural skin care, this jade roller is a must for anyone who likes to feel good (and fidget).
$18, Buy Here

Peanuts Sweatshirt - SavvyMom

Peanuts Crewneck Sweatshirt

Peanuts got popular! This bright crewneck shows off the beloved Snoopy and is high on the cool factor without being too grown up.
$25, Buy Here

Claw Clips Gifts for Tweens - SavvyMom

Claw Clips

These are great for a quick hair-up day and are available in a bunch of fun colours. Claw clips are also wonderful for loot bag or stocking stuffers.
$14 for 7, Buy Here

Super Mario Light - SavvyMom

Super Mario Light

We still get a kick out of seeing how Super Mario continues to be popular – one of our all-time favourite vid games from our youth. This light adds a personal touch to tween bedroom décor.
$54, Buy Here

The Mushroom Fan Club: Gifts for Tweens - SavvyMom

The Mushroom Fan Club Book

Foraging for mushrooms is a very popular pastime, so if your tween is the nature type, they might want to give it a go. This book adds funny faces and droll descriptions to keep the whole topic youthful, not boring.
$19.95, Buy Here

Gifts for Tweens: Instax Mini Album

Instax Mini Photo Album

Who says photo albums aren’t a “thing” anymore? They sure are, and this one’s a cutie, just perfect for organizing all those Instax prints. Bring back the days of flipping through photo albums, we say.
$8, Buy Here

Gifts for Tweens: Elastic Wallet - SavvyMom

Elastic Wallet

They’re getting to the age when they might like to carry a bankcard around (or a hockey card? Library card? Ice cream loyalty card?). This sleek elastic wallet will do the trick and tuck easily into a pocket or phone bag.
$20, Buy Here

Smoko Squishy - SavvyMom

Smoko Squishy

Oh. My. Gosh. Squishies feel so good. It’s an instant pent-up energy release and so fun, especially with this frog character. Can we have one, too?
$18, Buy Here

Drake Ornament - SavvyMom

Drake Ornament

Now we’re speaking their language. Say goodbye to the homemade Christmas tree decorations and hello to this Drake ornament.
$16.95, Buy Here

Gifts for Tweens: Squalene Oil - SavvyMom

Squalene Oil

This is a fabulous serum, perfect for those just starting with hair and skin care. A light oil that’s great for taming frizz or giving a touch of moisture to winter dry skin, we call this our miracle in a bottle.
$9.80, Buy Here

PuraVida Bracelet - SavvyMom

Woven Bracelet

Everyone… and we mean everyone… is wearing bracelets these days. This offering is gender inclusive and minimalist, and pretty rad.
$28, Buy Here

Gifts for Tweens: Pizza Puzzle - SavvyMom

Pizza Puzzle

They still love puzzles, and this smaller one makes it easier to find the space to complete it when they have a spare minute or on a screen break. Plus – pizza. ‘Nuff said!
$29.99, Buy Here

Green Wood Cones - SavvyMom

Green Wood Cones

Here’s a subtle piece of décor for those who prefer the green colours of nature. The wood cones are very satisfying to touch and it is soothing to arrange them in patterns on a desk for some chill time.
$22, Buy Here

Gifts for Tweens: Flannel Pants - SavvyMom

Flannel Pants

Oh yes, the trend of wearing plaid flannel pyjama pants everywhere, all the time is still going strong. We don’t hate it! These offerings look good and won’t break the bank.
$25, Buy Here

Gifts for Tweens: iPhone Case - SavvyMom

Phone Case

Cool phone case alert! This eco-friendly case has some pretty rad scribbles and icons on it, plus the black and white motif seems to be their preferred colour scheme these days. What can we say? We like it, too.
$69.95, Buy Here

Gifts for Tweens: Checkerboard Ring - SavvyMom

Checkerboard Ring

The ring’s the thing. Yep, they are getting into accessories. This one is youthful and looks great on everyone.
$23, Buy Here

Tom and Jerry T-Shirt - SavvyMom

Tom and Jerry Graphic T-shirt

It seems like all of our Saturday morning cartoon friends are back in style, including two of our faves, Tom and Jerry. Stylish not childish, they’ll actually thank you for buying them clothes for once.
$29.99, Buy Here

DIY Stitched Ornament Kit - SavvyMom

Stitched Ornament Kit

For the craft curious, this stitched ornament kit produces a sweet-looking gingerbread decoration that they can proudly hang in a place of prominence. Perfect for beginners.
$18, Buy Here


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