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It’s getting very close to that most wonderful time of the year. We don’t like summer to end (and it certainly isn’t over yet) but there is something to be said for getting back into routines. They help us get (and hopefully stay) organized.
To ease the transition from summer into what we call ‘Back to Reality’ time we have put together four comprehensive guides for you this year. Our first SavvyMom Back-to-School Guide is all about bags—backpacks and lunch bags—because we know that’s what you are thinking about this week. We’re also working on guides for what to wear, what accessories you’ll need and what to eat. Look for them in our national newsletters over the next four Tuesdays.

But back to the bags… Our top bag picks for kids from pre-school to grade one and up include backpacks and lunch bags for boys and girls, including higher-end bags and lower-end bags. There are even bags that you can have your child’s name embroidered on. You’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you.

The Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid “Penguin” Backpack is one of the cutest items in our guide—appealing to both boys and girls and available in lots of other fun designs. Moms like the insulated snack pouch inside and kids love the vibrant colours and design.

You Name It Baby Toddler Backpack
If you are likely to be looking for your child’s backpack in the lost and found regularly, or you have kids who are proud of who they are (and what’s not to be proud of?) you’ll both love the Canadian-made You Name It Baby Toddler Backpacks. They’re good value and come in lots of other colours to suit your child’s preferences.

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