Splashy Giveaways

No party is complete without a loot bag. Choose one big toy that will last rather than a bag filled with junk.

When it comes to making a splash with your guests, the right loot bag item can be just the ticket. These water and outdoor-themed gift ideas are a great start.

Ice Cream Mugz
This super, easy-to-use mug allows your party guest to easily make their own ice cream—what sweeter way to cool down in the summer? ($9.95, available at Mastermind Toys)

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk
Budding artists can get creative outdoors and use them to create a splash of colour on your driveway. ($3.99, available at Toys R Us)

Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Bubbles
Little girls will love the hearts and butterflies theme to this bubbly loot bag gift. ($2.95, available at Mastermind Toys)

AquaPlay Sailboat
These cute boats would work well as a fun party activity as budding sailors have a floating race in a kiddie pool. ($4.95, available at Mastermind Toys)

Max Liquid Eliminator
This floatable noodle creates a splash up to 30 feet—a fun idea for a pool party or as a loot bag gift for older kids. ($7.95, available at Mastermind Toys)

Big Boss Water Noodles
Noodles, anyone? These affordable gifts are a fun take-home gift and can even be used as a craft (can you say ‘pool snake’?). ($4.99, available at Canadian Tire)


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