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Loot Bags

30+ Classic, Fun Loot Bag Ideas


If there’s one thing about party planning I love, it’s the loot bags.

I love them so much that I refuse to give my kids any input into the process. They can pick their activities, invitations, guests and cake, but the loot bags? Those are all mine baby.

But loot bags and party favours have increased in complexity and cost, just like birthday parties themselves. Last year my kids came home with a goldfish as their party favour. I mean, how do you top that for creativity?

But great loot bags and party favours don’t have to break the bank or require hours on Pinterest. The best ideas are fun, simple and on-trend.

To get started, consider the party’s theme and your budget. My preference is always for one substantial item instead of a bunch of little things my kids will never use and then leave around for me to step on and eventually throw away. I try to avoid candy, sugary baked goods and musical instruments too, because I believe in karma.

Some of our favourite party favours for kids:

Bath bombs

These bath bombs from Lush are fun, colourful, chemical-free and appropriate for most ages.


Just tuck the receipt inside the cover for easy exchange. Find a great list of recommendations at the end of this article.

Hand Sanitizers

Kids seem to love these! Especially the ones in cute holders from Bath & Body Works.


So many great options for slime! We love these choices from Indigo.

Mandalas Colouring Book

A Mandalas colouring book and a box of crayons tied together with ribbon makes a great and easy loot bag.

Speed Cubes

We don’t really get them, but they seem to be popular. And they’re easy to get if you order ahead on Amazon!

Name Labels

We love these personalized labels from Mabel’s Labels because they’re unique, useful and easy to add onto any loot bag. Plus, kids seem to go crazy for anything with their name on it!

Here are some ideas by party theme or activity:

Pool party: Goggles, towels or squirt guns.

Animal-theme party: Beanie Boos or Schleich figurines set up in a box with a “For Adoption” sign.

Art party: Paint, paint brushes, palettes and aprons.

Princess Party: Crowns, tiaras, magic wands and tutus work perfectly.

Movie party: Microwave popcorn and a box of candy in a plastic bowl.

Slumber party: We LOVE giving sleep masks (they’re such a hit with kids!) and/or slippers, plus a small bottle of water.

In Spring and Summer

Any outdoor toys like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, frisbees, skipping ropes, sunglasses, buckets with shovels and hula hoops.

In Fall and Winter

Mugs with individual servings of hot chocolate and marshmallows or mittens with hand warmers tucked inside.

Where to Find Them

If you’re looking for a bunch of small items, you can usually find everything you need in one place. Check out:

The Bulk Barn  — great for Pez, chocolates, gumballs, gummies and other edible treats

Dollarama — play doh, stationary, stickers, card games, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, and arts and crafts supplies

Party City — small toys, keychains, pins, candy and silly string

Indigo — small toys and novelty items

Wal Mart — treat sized chocolate bars, Crayola products

Michael’s — stationary, arts and crafts supplies, activity books

Mastermind Toys — small toys, pencils and erasers, rubber balls and jewellery

And like most gifts, a little effort on the packaging goes a long way. Colourful ribbons and bags, fun containers and personalized name tags make everything look extra special.

Happy gifting!

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