New BBQ Gadgets and Grill Accessories for Summer

New BBQ Gadgets & Grill Accessories - SavvyMom

It’s official—barbeque season has started and we know for some it never ends. The warm weather serves up a summer of picnics and patio bars, porch gazebos, and the smell of meat grilled over charcoal flames. But it’s not quite time to sit back and gently rock your glass of mostly melting ice. Preparations have to be made for the slew of dinner invitations and one-up- man-ships that this season no doubt brings.  So here’s a list of new bbq gadgets and grill accessories you need to win for your outdoor kitchen this year.

New BBQ Gadgets & Grill Accessories for Summer

6-in-1 New BBQ Gadgets - SavvyMom

6-in-1 Multigrill Tool

This is like the Swiss army knife of grilling tools — it even has the corkscrew! With a grilling fork, spatula, knife, tongs, bottle opener, and the corkscrew that fold in together, it’s pretty compact when stored, relatively sturdy when assembled, and big enough to actually be useful. The food-grade stainless steel is easy to clean and disassembly and reassembly are easy to do. Perfect for camping or when you have limited storage storage space for grill accessories.

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Burger Stomper 2-in-1 - SavvyMom

Burger Stomper 2-in-1

Make either 60z burger patties or 2oz sliders in mere seconds. It’s easy, just press the Stomper onto a ball of meat and when you lift, you’ll have a perfect burger. A second plate holds your newly formed patty down so it will never stick inside the Stomper’s base. All your burgers will be the exact same width around so they’ll barbeque evenly. This Stomper is guaranteed non-stick, is dishwasher-safe, and easy to unscrew so you can store it in any cupboard.

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Fire Sense Notebook Grill - SavvyMom

Fire Sense Notebook Charcoal Grill

This charcoal grill is perfect for urban living, tailgating, and park picnics. It folds from 13 inches to one in just two seconds, becoming its own carrying case for you to take anywhere. The Notebook Grill is resilient, made from high heat resistant painted steel, which is good for travelling, camping, and beach parties. It’s easy to store and clean—just remove the grilling surface and run it through the dishwasher, then set it inside its case for next time.

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BBQ Gadgets Himalayan Salt Plank - SavvyMom

Himalayan Salt Plank

This barbeque plank is made from a slab of pink mineral-rock salt deposits found in the Himalayas. It naturally flavours food as you prepare and serve. The plate evenly retains both hot and cold temperatures, so you can cook meat and seafood on the grill or serve chilled fruits, vegetables and cheeses from the fridge. The salt plate is naturally anti-micro bacterial and easy to clean, but will eventually shrink. When the plate develops cracks it can no longer be used, but if it’s well taken care of, it should last a long time, just like it’s flavour.

Available at Williams Sonoma

iGrill Mini Smart Grilling Thermometer

Forget watching your meat cook. The iGrill is a pocket-sized Bluetooth thermometer and meat probe that connects with any smartphone or device via bluetooth. You can set customized alarms that will go off once your meat reaches a certain temperature. That way, you keep cool inside instead of standing in front of a hot burner, and you’ll never overcook a steak again.

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Grill Accessories Flexible Skewers - SavvyMom

Fire Wire Flexible Skewers

With flexible skewers you can marinade your food in a plastic bowl or ziploc baggie instead of using a long dish that refuses to fit in the fridge. These stainless steel skewers hold twice as much food and the regular wooden variety, and utilize grill space better because they don’t have to lie straight. They are dishwasher safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly, being reused instead of thrown out.

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BBQ Gadgets Grilling Mat - SavvyMom

Grilling Mat

This mat rolls out on top of your barbeque for a non-stick, no mess grilling experience. Now you can crack an egg and pour pancake batter to make breakfast on the patio. Don’t worry about using tin foil for your vegetables or flakey fish because now nothing can fall through the grates. A grilling mat has all the benefits of a griddle while it retains the barbeque experience: great taste and perfect grill lines. Plus it’s easy to clean and there’s no more scraping. Just take the mat inside and wipe it down with a wet cloth.

Available at Canadian Tire

Outdoor Grill Popcorn Maker - SavvyMom

Outdoor Grill Popcorn Popper

Make popcorn on the barbeque instead of the stove, where it flies all over the kitchen. This way you can pop it outside without all the trouble of building a campfire. The telescopic handle keeps you away from the heat source and it makes up to Makes 4 liters of popcorn so there will be plenty for your BBQ or campfire guests.

Available at Canadian Tire

Flameless Grill Smoker - SavvyMom

Flameless grill smoker

Eight small vents allow enough oxygen into the smoker to cause the wood chips inside to smolder, but not enough for them to ignite. You can place the Smoker on top of your grill, or if you need the space right on your hot coals. The smoldering chips will generate smoke inside of your closed barbeque and infuse your meat with a delicious smokey flavour. With a 13 inch handle you can easily remove the smoker when you’re finished cooking and your guests will never know how you did it.

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BBQ Gadgets Steam Cleaning Grill Brush - SavvyMom

Grand Grill Daddy

The last thing you want to do after barbequing is deal with a huge clean up. Most brushes require a lot of elbow grease and burn up easily, so you’ll find you replace them at least once a year. Not this one. Fill the aluminum handle with water and it will generate steam to burn away food and grease residue.  You won’t have to scrape hard to get your grill clean and the steam sterilizes as you go.

Available at Williams Sonoma


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