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We have been picked up lately…by the traditional media (aka the ‘news’). I was interviewed a few weeks ago by Global News on the big word of the day…Staycationing this summer. It’s a tough topic to cover, but we’re in the trenches here at SavvyMom and we understand that someone has to do it. But seriously, what we do think is newsworthy is the fact that moms are always looking for ideas on what to do and where to go with the kids during the summer break—staycation or not. So it was a great idea for them to come to us…and we were happy to lend our savvy to Sean O’ Shea, Global’s consumer reporter, who was terribly charming and lovely to meet. We do hope he and his camera man come around again as we love an excuse to freshen up our lipstick and take a break from the computer screen for a little spotlight.
Sarah was alsorecently quoted in the Toronto Star on the more controversial subject of women in the workforce, particularly in the context of a recent Ottawa judge’s ruling who discounted the testimony of Ontario MPP Lisa MacLeod, saying ‘her memories were imprecise’ and citing her busy personal circumstances as the reason for it. Specifically, he said that her memories were imprecise because she was busy traveling to Toronto every week, leaving behind her husband and baby. This infuriated women’s groups (as you can imagine) and prompted Andrea Gordon, family issues reporter at the Toronto Star, to reach out to moms like Sarah who have travelled extensively for business, with young children at home. Sarah shares some of her experiences in the article as a mother of three babies who traveled every week for her clients. As she does with everything, it sounds like she organized everything very well and pulled it off without a hitch.

(She may have been happy doing what she was doing then, but I for one am happy that she decided to pack it in and launch SavvyMom Media with me!)

Keep watching for more Savvy…it’s savvy to be savvy, you know.


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