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We’re very visual creatures, so a lovely stream of photos on Instagram is good for our souls. To help beautify your IG feed, we’ve selected our favourite accounts to follow, picking those that post often, make us feel good and are all Canadian, too!

Ana from Bluebird Kisses makes everyday life look lovely through a genuine appreciation of the little things. She captures all of those sweet parenting moments and reminds us to cherish being moms—and that’s pretty darn powerful. (Love It!)

Steph Sterjovski is just as cute as a button and a fab lifestyle blogger, too. She knows what looks good in all arenas—from fashion and beauty, to printmaking and design. So if you like looking at lovely clothes, accessories and flowers, head on over. Pastels colour her feed for a very romantic journey. (Love It!)

Let’s celebrate beautiful images together. Because we all need a little break from reality from time to time. Keep clicking to see the rest of the 12 Instagram Accounts We Love.


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