Real Snacks: Making Homemade Versions of Your Favourite Childhood Treats


Just in time for March Break, comes a book that’€™s perfect for getting kids in the kitchen to cook up some healthy and homemade versions of their favourite store-bought treats.
Real Snacks by Lara Ferroni is a compilation of your favourite childhood goodies without all the junk. Made without artificial flavourings, industrial preservatives or fake colourings, this book is dedicated to helping you satisfy your junk food cravings by teaching you to make your own nostalgic childhood treats at home.

Were you a fan of Twinkies? Doritios? Animal Crackers? How about Cracker Jacks? This book has recipes for all of them, plus plenty of others, but uses mostly whole grain flours and natural sugars in place of the traditional processed products we’€™re used to. Each recipe concludes with suggestions for transforming the dish into a gluten-free or vegan option, and the directions are simple enough that almost everything can be made with your child’€™s assistance.

I gave the yogurt-covered raisins recipe a test run earlier this week, and it was a huge success. Admittedly, it uses more sugar than most of the other recipes in the book, but this is about as unhealthy of a recipe you’€™re going to see within the pages. The yogurt coating comes together quickly, without the use of any small appliances, and I think it would be fun to test out all manners of dippable foods, like other fresh and dried fruits, nuts, seeds, potato chips, etc.

What are some of your favourite treats from your own childhood? Would you like to be able to recreate them in your kitchen?

Find the full printable recipe here: Yogurt Covered Raisins and Almonds


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