Jute Market Tote


Are all totes built alike? Not in our minds. Sure, most totes are generally the same, easy for throwing extra stuff into when you’re on the go. But we’ve found a tote that sits above the rest, especially if you’re making a trip to the market. The Jute Market Tote has a flat bottom, great for stacking all grocery goodies, a deep pocket along the side for sliding in a wine bottle, a bouquet of flowers, or even a carton of eggs, and sturdy leather straps that make it easy to carry. The tote is a part of the Shop for Gen1 line offered by HomeSense and WINNERS in the month of May. Profits from the line go to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which supports over 450 women’s shelters and community programs across Canada. The foundation funds emergency shelters and programs that help survivors, invests in school-based violence-prevention, and empowers girls through programs like the Nancy Baron Mentorship for Girls Program. That’s a pretty powerful tote—the best kind of support for women everywhere and for your trips to the local market. ($13, available at WINNERS and HomeSense.)


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