Ottawa Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free

Ottawa Kids Eat Free

When you have little kids, it’s sometimes such a treat to be able to go out to a restaurant as a family, enjoy a bite to eat, and not have to worry about the mess afterwards. Not to mention how great it is to enjoy hot food.

That said, there’s always the cost to consider when going out to a restaurant and paying extra for a meal that ends up barely touched because your kids decided they didn’t like the cheese on the pasta. That’s why it’s exciting when the bill comes and the meal for the entire family isn’t budget-blowing thanks to ‘kids eat free’ offerings at various restaurants.

Be strategic and head out for a delicious bite to eat at one of these restaurants in Ottawa where the kids can eat free. Some conditions will apply, and we’ve outlined which nights of the week the promotion is currently being offered so you can better plan your next outing.


When Kids Eat Free: Sundays to Thursdays, at all three locations: ByWard Market, Kanata and Elgin St.

Zak’s Diner has free breakfast, lunch or dinner for the kids (with the purchase of an adult meal and beverage) from Sunday to Thursday, 4 pm to close. Everyone can enjoy the delicious bites and fun atmosphere at Zak’s Diner! We recommend an additional treat by ordering one of the famous Zak’s milkshake.


When Kids Eat Free: Sundays, all-day

We love that the Barley Mow’s free meal for kids is available all day long, giving your family the opportunity to enjoy their breakfast, lunch or dinner menus. With multiple locations across Ottawa, you can easily find a nearby Barley Mow. We can’t think of a better way to enjoy a Sunday dinner or end-of-weekend brunch together than one that doesn’t involve anyone having to worry about the dishes after.


When Kids Eat Free: Tuesdays

Any restaurant that also keeps the kids entertained while serving tasty food is a hit with parents and kids alike, which is why Montanas will instantly be popular with your entire family. Let the kids create and write on the paper table cloths, then order and enjoy a delicious meal; the menu at Montana’s has so many options that even the pickiest of kids will love their bites.


When Kids Eat Free: Sundays

With two locations in Ottawa (in Nepean and Orleans), Jonny Canucks is offering free meals for the kids on Sundays. The relaxed atmosphere and sports-themed decor is a fun setting to welcome families. They’ll love having a junior meal, with drink and special dessert and you’ll love the quality time you spend together; with the bonus of not having to worry about what’s for dinner that night.

The Waverly Dunn’s Orleans

When kids eat free: Tuesdays, 4 pm – 9 pm

Every Tuesday, Waverly Dunn’s Orleans has a deal your family won’t want to miss. Between 4 and 9 pm, enjoy a free kids’ meal with every adult meal purchased. We love that the offer is available for an earlier dinner, this makes it easier for families with younger children or those who prefer to eat earlier. We think the kids will love their choice of meal which includes poutine, hamburgers, chicken fingers and smoked meat sandwiches.

Mexicali Rosa’s

When Kids Eat Free: Sundays

Tacos, fajitas and nachos await your family at Mexicali Rosa’s in Orleans. On Sundays, kids eat free at the Orleans location, right across from the Shenkman Arts Centre, conveniently located off of the highway. There’s also the newest Mexicali Rosa’s location in Nepean on Hunt Club road and they also offer the kids eat free option on Sundays.


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