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Let’s be clear from the get-go: I have six kids and I am the co-founder of Mabel’s Labels Inc. Clearly, labelling is a huge part of my life and essential for keeping me organized. In fact, the thought of not being organized makes me shudder.
Recently, I had a chat with our Customer Service guru, Martha at Mabel’s HQ to get her frontline opinions about some of the creative ways our customers stay organized with labels. All I can say is…WOW, I am inspired! Indeed, it appears we are providing labels for some pretty clever mamas!

The Snow Day
Moms are finding wicker baskets great for all the kids’ hats, scarves and mittens. Give each kid a basket, attach a personalized tag like our Bag Tag to the basket handle and call it home for all their snow paraphernalia.

Off the Hook
Pop a label like one of our Sticky Labels above each child’s coat hook. Each coat should then be able to find its way back to where it belongs. No excuses—labels don’t lie.

The Spice Girls
Try our custom Canister/Spice Labels for your spice jars and kitchen canisters to keep tabs on everything. Small labels like this are so versatile you can also personalize them for video games, cosmetics, craft paints and supplies, DVDs, book plates, etc.

The “I’m Addicted to Rubbermaid Totes” Mama
For the woman who locks it all away in handy plastic totes, but can only find the Christmas tree garland when she needs Easter Eggs—label the totes after each holiday with what is inside (Custom Bin Labels are your answer and at the end of the year you’ll be back on track with all the holiday paraphernalia!

The “If I Lend You this Book, Will I Get It Back?” Dilemma
Label those books with your name and phone number to ensure they make it back to your bookshelf.

The Litterless Lunch
Line ‘em up and start slinging sandwiches. Put small labels on the food containers, the thermos, cutlery, etc. These little labels will ensure all your lunch bag components make it home, while also guaranteeing the right lunch finds a home in the right stomach.

The Monster Under the Desk
If your computer and electronic cords are looking more like an angry octopus, get some cord control by labelling these as well. No more guessing whether you’ve unplugged the phone or the PVR.

The Costco Creeper
Buy in bulk? Can’t lift your 40lb tub of shampoo or family-sized barrel of pickles. Downsize to smaller containers and label!

What’s your best label hack? Tell us how you use labels in your life and enter for your chance to win some Mabel’s Labels. Here’s how:


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