The Laifa Baby Sleeper

SavvyMom September 12, 2016

Every once in a while, a product arrives at the office that makes us cry, ‘Eureka!’, ‘I need this!’, and ‘why didn’t I have this years ago?!’. The Laifa Baby sleeper is one such product. Its appeal is so simple, it’s genius. This sleeper is free of snaps and has only zippers, but in addition to the usual neck-to-foot zipper, there’s a second zipper that goes from foot up the diaper. Meaning you can expose baby’s diaper without totally undressing them. Eureka.

So now, after baby has been fed and burped and is entering a blissful milk coma, there’s no waking them up with a shock of cold air as you gently try to pry off their little sleeper. A quick zip to expose the diaper, and you’re in business while baby slumbers on.

Of course, the zipper ends are totally tucked away behind soft cloth and the zippers themselves are fully lined, so there’s no scratchy rough zipper bits poking baby…ever. They’re made from organic cotton, fit true to size, and wash well.

Changing a squirmy baby with a full diaper blowout at 2 am will never be fun, but it can at least be easier.


$29, available at

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