Lest We Forget

SavvyMom June 20, 2016

The issue comes round year after year, but it seems like the annual debate has gotten particularly heated this year. Should Christmas decorations go up before Remembrance Day?

For many, the answer is a definite no; and some people feel that it is in fact disrespectful to veterans and fallen service people to start celebrating Christmas before Remembrance Day. Why? It’€™s simple: people want to keep the focus on Remembrance Day in the days leading up to November 11. Makes sense to us. Doesn’€™t it just seem logical to finish one holiday before starting in on another? Let’€™s do one thing at a time. Christmas can wait a few days.

But let’€™s not get too wrapped up in thoughts of appropriate and inappropriate timelines. As our lovely Savvy Storyteller, Alex from idontblog.ca says, ‘And as strongly as I feel about the importance of remembering with solemn gratitude the lives of those who fought for us and those who protect us, it’€™s not Christmas’€™ fault that we’ve been neglecting the day.’ Well said. Alex goes on to talk about how education is the answer. You can read more of her thoughts here.

We loved this excellent piece €”broadcast recently by the CBC that reminds us that people fought for our everyday privileges. Like voting, for example. It’€™s fitting that this Remembrance Day falls exactly one week from the day a new Prime Minister was sworn in. The soliloquy, by long-time CBC broadcaster Rex Murphy, starts off: ‘We often casually remark how lucky we are to live in a country that enjoys so easy and tranquil yielding of power from one government and the assumption of power by another. There’€™s nothing lucky about it.’ Too true.

We also loved this piece by another one of our Storytellers, Jen, who gave us some guidance on talking to kids about Remembrance Day. Knowing you should be talking to your kids about the meaning of ‘€˜Lest We Forget’€™ is one thing’€ how do you actually do that when they’€™re so small? Jen has some excellent ideas. We’€™ll be trying a few. All we can do is out best.

Lest we forget.

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