Let the Memories Begin


On Thursday, September 23, SavvyMom was invited to be part of a very special live event in New York City, where Disney Parks announced a new and exciting campaign called “Let the Memories Begin”.
Recent survey results collected in Canada and the U.S. by Ypartnership revealed that vacation planning to create special memories for/about their children was the priority of nearly nine out of ten adults surveyed. I know I feel the same way when planning our family vacations. Interestingly, this survey reported that vacations taken with immediate family are the most memorable (children’s responses were included). Vacations with friends were actually much further down the list.

The traditional methods used to collect these memories—photo albums and scrapbooks—are very quickly being replaced by new technology and social networking. And people are enjoying ways to showcase their family’s vacation photos and videos, sharing and viewing them with others. So it was interesting to learn that Disney Parks has created a place where you can do just that. Guests to the site can upload their photos, videos and text memories on a “Disney Memories” website. And vacation planners can surf through these memories to get inspired as they plan their own vacations.

Interestingly, Disney Parks is then planning to use this user-generated content for TV commercial spots, print advertisements, newsletter articles and vacation-planning video segments. Plus, in 2011, Disney guests could become stars of a nightly spectacular when photos taken in the park during the day are projected larger-than-life on Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World Resort and It’s a Small World at Disneyland Resort.

Would you be interested sharing your Disney memories online with the possibility that they’ll be shared with even more people as a Disney television spot or in print? I would love to know your thoughts.


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