Lighten the Load


It sounds so simple: ‘Lie flat to dry’.

But when every ‘flat’ surface is covered with unopened mail, markers, library books and grocery bags, it’s not so simple, really. It could just be that the only thing lying flat in your average family home is an exhausted mom at the end of her day.

Lack of drying space can result in some serious clothing crises. ’Fess up: we’ve all chucked our delicate bras into the dryer, and now that summer’s here, swimsuits and towels just add to the space crunch.

But help’s at hand with Laundry Lift, a Canadian company that offers space-creating products to render your drying dilemmas a thing of the past.

In the warm weather, you’ll love The Breeze, a ten-rod rack that’s about a metre by a half-metre in size and hangs off your balcony, deck railing or fence. Drape or peg clothes from the rods, and use the top surface to lay other items flat. You’ll have the whole family’s beach wear—or a week’s worth of diapers—dry in no time. The Breeze can also be used indoors in your bathtub or even hooked over your banister. Savvy Scouts agree that $37, plus shipping, is a great price for an Italian-made product you’ll use again and again all year long.


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