The Good Help Guide


Nine months of carrying, hours of labour, months of milking, countless wakeful nights, snot wipes, bum wipes, diaper changes, 500 loads of laundry, hormone induced mood swings and the most overwhelming sense of love and purpose. Did we leave out the extra 10–15 pounds of love (handles)?
After all of that, we know you wouldn’t leave your most prized possession with just anybody.

Luckily, Martha Scully from has been setting moms up with babysitters and nannies across Canada for years and knows more than a few things about hiring and managing a sitter.

Her advice:

  1. DO do the reference check. (You never know what you can learn).
  2. Make sure anyone watching an infant or child has current first aid qualifications.
  3. Talk to your kids and prepare them ahead of time with someone new. Do NOT sneak out! This is a savvy no no. It’s not fair on the kids or the sitter.


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