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Dear Savvy Mom,

Heard you were thinking about some good summer reads for a kind of savvy list and I thought I would submit my thoughts.

Remember LBK (life before kids) when we just read whatever was in front of us? Now we have to be more selective and make sure our reading time is used wisely, right?

image So if you’re looking for some serious fiction, I just finished The Birth House by Canadian author Ami McKay. A literary page-turner (no, it’s not an oxymoron), this story of Dora Rare, a midwife in Nova Scotia, skillfully weaves historical facts about midwifery, World War I, the Spanish Influenza epidemic and the Halifax Explosion with tales of sex, love, childbirth, infidelity and maternal love. I couldn’t put it down.

image Looking for something more light-hearted? You HAVE to read Baby is a Four Letter Word by author and mom Dorianne Sager. It’s like having a latte with your funniest friend and talking about the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Sager, having left her carefree, London-based lifestyle behind, captures the essence of becoming a mom and all that it entails (sleep deprivation, flying with a toddler, and potty training are just a few of the chapters). You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…best of all, you’ll know you’re not alone on this crazy journey called motherhood.


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