A Helping Hand


Thumbtimes you just need a little thumbthing to lend an extra hand.
Luckily we found the help you need to make your life a little easier, at least when you’re trying to read a little bit of that new book you just picked up.

The Thumbthing is a device which slips on your thumb like a ring and allows you to read a book with one hand, fitting snugly into the spine of the book with the gentle tapering angle of the ‘wings’ on either side firmly holding the pages open. The angle prevents breaking of the spine, and because the Thumbthing fits so snugly, it gives stability to the pages and keeps them open wider than would be otherwise possible. Result – it’s easier to enjoy the printed word.

We know moms will love this little gadget because we need more than two hands – at ALL times. With the Thumbthing , you can breastfeed, snuggle a sleeping child on your chest, make some sandwiches for lunch or administer suntan lotion all without losing your page (and all that for just 5 bucks).

Like with many other things in life, size is important. Get the small for kids (don’t let them strain their thumbs at such an early age) and petites (glove size 6 and under), the medium for most women and the large for most men.

Especially great for nursing mothers, business travelers and commuters, the Thumbthing can be paired with a book for a fantastic gift as well.

Note how well one hand can hold firmly onto a cold drink while the other keeps the pages wide open. Now that’s thumbthing.

Available from fab online boutique GoneShopping.ca.


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