Li’l Knight


Strange. It’€™s like Baxter goes to sleep and wakes up able to undertake a skill we may have exposed him to the previous day. Crawling and walking are now both at the same skill level (mind you, he’€™s no Ben Johnson). As you may recall, rolling is an efficient form of transport for the young Master Baxter, but it has its drawbacks’€”chiefly, the world becomes somewhat off-kilter in its wake.
Crawling would be a snap, were it only in the backwards direction. But the last two days have witnessed a combination upward dog, two-legged, crouch-bounce, and somewhat lurid pelvic floor thrust, giving us confidence that a full crawl is imminent. Meanwhile, why not learn to walk? (With constant support’€”of course.) Baxter is keen to self-direct (aka steer). He’€™s quite focused on his destination. This may be the reason for his slightly lopsided gate. I can’€™t explain it, but Baxter likes to bolt his left leg forward and merely hop his right. He’€™s as baffled as we are. That said, if there is a right-turning marathon out there, we might have a future champion.

But what pushes the ‘€˜cuteometre’€™ is his new tongue click. It’€™s quite clear and well rehearsed. The tongue is held against the roof of his mouth for quite a while as he builds suspense. Then it releases with a pop, surrounded by an expression that could be confused with pride. So now he’€™s drunkenly meandering about the sandbox clicking with each step. If you’€™re a fan of Monty Python’€™s Holy Grail, you can picture a knight prancing about, clapping two half-coconut shells together simulating a horseman.


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