Love Your Handles


Some say love handles; we call it the muffin top. Whatever your choice, we’ll kindly ask you to refer to our bulge with affection, thank you very much.

The fact is that a woman’s body is not always the size and shape that the jean manufacturers think it is. Throw in a few pregnancies, gravity and the return of the grilled cheese sandwich into your life and we’re sure you know what we mean.

We’re not proposing you ditch the New Year diet and exercise plan, but we do have the solution to help you through the holidays until then. It’s called Nearly Nude and it leaves you well, nearly nude, but without the bulges.

Nearly Nude is a line of undies from Down Under that is designed to be controlling and firming, smoothing and shaping and most of all slimming and comfortable. They make a wide range of styles but we have zeroed in on two items that we SavvyMoms can’t live without now.


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