A Secret Adventure


First, find two thermoses; fill one with hot coffee and the other with hot chocolate.
Second, wear sturdy shoes and dress for the weather.

Third, bring birdseed and your camera.

Now you’re ready to explore!

Lime Kiln Trail is one of several trails within the Stony Swamp area. It’s a short hike with a big payoff. This particular one leads to the ruins of a pioneer lime factory, the kind that was common in Canada in the 1800s. (Ruins! In Ottawa! How cool is that?)

It’s an easy walk, and kids of all ages will enjoy the opportunity to explore this historic site. The whole scene is like something from a storybook. Visually, it’s amazing. Imagine stone ruins nestled in the woods, slowly being reclaimed by the wilderness. Stop and listen. You’ll hear nothing but silence and birdsong.


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