Make Your Mark


Gone are the days when the lady of the house would pride herself on her collection of monogrammed linens, brought out to impress the guests, and her personalized stationery for every occasion.
But there is still something very special about being able to personalize things with your name or initial, and we’ve found a couple of great ways to do that.

Mom-run, Canadian company She She Impressions makes over 30 different custom stamps, with inks available in seven different colours. Their circular style evokes the days of wax-sealed letters, but without the heat. The address stamps save you a lifetime of looking for address labels or writing out return addresses by hand. Or get one of the name or initial stamps, and make your personal mark on books, recipe cards, scrapbooks, photo albums, or blank stationery. Another great use for the stamps is for making gift labels. We’re planning on making the holidays easier this year with the To/From stamp for ourselves and a personalized stamp for the teacher/babysitter/ mother-in-law/girlfriend. And we’re hoping a name stamp for the kids will help ensure textbooks, binders and notebooks spend less time in the lost and found and more time with their rightful owner.


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