The All-New 2009 Ford Flex


Maybe it’s just us, but family transportation sure looks better than the minivans and station wagons of old. Exciting options abound, and the all new 2009 Ford Flex caught our eye for all the right reasons.
Along with its head-turning design, seating for up to seven, modern and spacious interior and family-friendly technologies (like a handy drink cooler and wireless DVD/game system to keep the kids busy), the Flex delivers family value where it counts: at the pump.

Now, going farther between fill-ups is easy because Flex can travel over 830 km on one tank. That’s a lot of trips to and from school and soccer practice! Plus, the fact that Flex gets 8.4/100 km fuel economy on the highway doesn’t hurt either. With gas prices these days it really pays to pay attention!

And as always, with Ford, safety comes first. From front-side airbags to Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) to AdvanceTrac®, Flex has features that protect your family in case of an accident – and safety systems that help any driver feel more confident behind the wheel.


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