Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of visiting the studio of 97.3 FM EZ Rock with Humble, Kim and Colleen. They are a great group of people who seem to truly enjoy their job despite the early hours they keep. The show starts at 5:00 am so by the time I dragged myself into the studio for my 7 am interview, clutching my cup of coffee and wishing I had toothpicks to keep my eyes open, they had already been at it for two hours. Amazing.
I was on air to spread the word about and when asked to describe the site, Humble came up with a great notion—he said “it’s like a mamapedia”. Imagine having the wit and creativity at that hour of the morning!

So I’ll leave you with this; is a city guide for moms, by moms. It is like a “mamapedia” of resources available in your city. All tried and tested by real moms. So go and sign up, share your savvy and participate. You might pick up a few tips along the way.

Thanks Humble! I look forward to visiting the show again for more great ideas.

EZ Rock


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